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With our Retail Store open 7 days a week and our Online Store open 24 hours a day, we are happy to provide our customers with the “best of both worlds” between retail and online shopping!

Our Retail Store

Many, many more products to choose from

Personal service and professional fitting assistance

Ability to try items on before purchase

No shipping fees

Easier returns, exchanges, and refunds

Storewide Rewards Program

Receive items instantly

Our Online Store

Convenience of shopping at home

Convenience of shopping any time of the day

Discounts on some products

To shop our online store, visit:

While we offer both shopping options, as they function independently in many ways please be aware of the following important policies:

• Due to the higher operating costs of our retail store, we are not able to match the discounts associated with some online products. With most items the price difference is minimal or non-existent, especially when online shipping costs are factored in. Keep in mind there are many other benefits to shopping in our store as well.

• Inventory availability is not displayed online. If an item is on backorder we will contact you very quickly to discuss your options.

• Online purchases may be returned in-store; however, refunds will take 24-48 hours to process.

• If an order receives free shipping and is later returned, the original shipping costs will be deducted from the refund. For further details on returns please visit here.

• Coupons/Discounts, Gift Cards, and Rewards Programs from our retail and online stores cannot be combined or substituted.

We are excited to offer our customers a beautiful retail store full of wonderful dance products and fantastic employees to personally assist you, as well as the convenience of online shopping in between visits!